Boiler feed water treatment

FLOWCHEM® – Oxygen binders for boiler feed water treatment

Feed water container with degasser

The task

Oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are removed from additional or top-up water as well as returned condensate, without thermal degassing (usually temperatures between > 85°C and > 95°C, i.e. oxygen levels between around 2.2 mg/L and 0.86 mg/L) or with thermal pressure degassing (temperatures between > 100°C and 110°C, i.e. oxygen level of < 0.02 mg/L and < 1mg/L carbon dioxide). This water is referred to as boiler feed water and it comes very close to the standards of the VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies), VGB, TRD 611 (Technical Rules for Steam Boilers) and DIN (German Industry Norms) for the prevention of pitting and surface corrosion in boiler areas with water contact.

The challenge

  • Binding the (residual) oxygen
  • Preventing pitting and surface corrosion
  • Passivation of the metal surface
  • No tendency towards foam formation

The solution

  • Using suitable FLOWCHEM® products for softened, partially or fully demineralised feed water.
  • Suitability for applications in the food sector
  • Not a hazardous substance according to TRG 608 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances)
  • Simple and safe handling of FLOWCHEM® products

Benefits for our customers

  • Reduced costs for energy and water treatment
  • High degree of operational safety and availability of boiler systems
  • Compliance with legal requirements