District heating and hot water recirculation systems

FLOWCHEM®– Products for district heating and hot water recirculation systems

Products for district heating and hot water recirculation systems

The task

Hot water recirculation systems are used increasingly to supply heat to building complexes, industrial and municipal users. Heating takes place either directly via combustion plants or indirectly via heat exchangers.

The requirements for filling and top-up water for these plants are compiled in the guidelines issued by the German Technical Inspection Association TÜV and the Association of German Engineers VDI.

Hygienic and toxicological aspects are important, in addition to fundamental principles of water chemistry.

We generally distinguish between a saline and a low-salt operating mode for circulating water.

The challenge

  • Preventing the formation of coating in the case of direct heating
  • Preventing corrosion in systems featuring an extensive network
  • Specialised products for drinking water systems
  • Preventing accumulation and an increase of conductivity

The solution

  • Using suitable FLOWCHEM® products for softened, partially or fully demineralised filling and top-up water.
  • Suitability for applications in the food sector
  • Clearance certificates for conditioning agents
  • Simple and safe handling of FLOWCHEM® products

Benefits for our customers

  • Reduced costs for energy and water treatment
  • High degree of operational safety and availability of boiler systems
  • Compliance with legal requirements