Steam and condensate treatment

FLOWCHEM® – Alkalinising agents for steam and condensate treatment

Boiler feed water

The task

For boiler feed water, which is usually a mixture of additional water and condensate, to meet requirements, the condensate must also be of appropriate quality.

The risk of corrosion caused by oxygen and carbon dioxide is particularly high, where steam is used through a number of condensation stages in different parts of the plant. This is why it is wise to perform steam / condensate treatment.

The challenge

  • Even product distribution at the condensate / steam stage
  • Preventing pitting and surface corrosion
  • Steam purity
  • Increasing cost effectiveness of the production process

The solution

  • Using suitable FLOWCHEM® products where direct or indirect steam is used in production
  • Low application concentrations
  • Increasing the service life of downstream parts of the plant

Benefits for our customers

  • No production downtime
  • Reduction of repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduced use of expensively treated additional or top-up water
  • Reduction of treatment and waste water costs