Drinking water installations

Hygiene for drinking water installations

Hygiene for drinking water installations

The task

Hot water systems may, under certain circumstances, promote the reproduction of legionella bacteria, leading to significant risks for human health. This can be avoided if such systems are operated and constructed according to the generally recognised rules of engineering VDI/DVGW 6023.

The challenge

  • Essential notes for preventing and monitoring legionella bacteria when planning, building, operating and refurbishing hot water systems in drinking water installations, according to the VDI/DVGW guideline and the DVGW work sheets.
  • Complying with the required temperature of 60°C (a minimum temperature of 55°C across the entire hot drinking water system must be ensured at all times) indicated in the DVGW work sheet W 551, for hot water and circulation pipes.
  • Operations according to regulations - use of drinking water within 72 hours
  • The "3 litre rule"

The solution

  • Immediate solution through disinfection of contaminated drinking water installations using suitable FLOWCHEM® products.
  • No risk of increased formation of lime scale in hot water systems compared to thermal disinfection.
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Benefits for our customers

  • Direct hazard prevention and reduction of relevant infectiological risks that 
  • May lead to disease and death
  • Compliance with legal requirements (TVO, DVGW, DIN)
  • Low technical expenditure