FLOWCHEM® considers safety and the protection of human beings and the environment to be fundamentally important issues.

FLOWCHEM® promotes customer awareness for safety and environment-related issues and strives to strengthen their perception of possible environmental impacts caused by products or the operation of their plants.

FLOWCHEM® respects the public need for transparency in relation to products, methods and activities and responds to this need in a constructive manner.

FLOWCHEM® continuously strives to improve product safety: in production, storage, transport, sales, application, use and disposal. FLOWCHEM® takes health, safety and environment-related aspects into account when developing new products as well as in the dialogue with buyers, processors and users.

FLOWCHEM® will restrict marketing or cease the production of products, regardless of economic interests, if the results of scientific risk assessments indicate that such measures are necessary to protect human health and the environment.

FLOWCHEM® supports the national programme "Responsible Care". In order to meet its requirements, FLOWCHEM® provides sufficient resources for their implementation within the company.