Steam production

FLOWCHEM® – Hardness stabilisers and corrosion protection for steam production

Hardness stabilisers and corrosion protection for steam production

The task

Boiler systems

The Technical Rules for Steam Boilers (TRD) have been issued to provide rules for technology according to the Steam Boiler Code. The TRD supply users with general instructions for boiler operation. Steam and hot water generators may only be used with "appropriately treated feed water", according to the rules TRD 611, TRD 612, information sheets by VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies)/the energy efficiency association AGFW (TCh 1466/FW 510), guidelines by the technical inspection association TÜV and the VGB, DIN EN 12953-10:2003, DIN EN 12952-12:2003 and DIN EN 285. This refers to water that allows for corrosion and coating free boiler operations and that complies with mandatory requirements.

The challenge

  • Corrosion and coating-free operation for the entire boiler system
  • Prevention of foam formation of the boiler water
  • Reduced desludging / desalination of the boiler water
  • High degree of steam purity

The solution

  • Using suitable FLOWCHEM® products for various technical and hygienic operating requirements
  • High degree of substance accumulation in the boiler water
  • Formation of a homogeneous protective magnetite layer
  • Simple and safe handling of FLOWCHEM® products

      Benefits for our customers

      • Cost savings for top-up and waste water
      • Optimisation of energy and fuel costs
      • Improved boiler efficiency
      • High degree of operational safety and availability of boiler systems
      • Compliance with legal requirements